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How to Choose Between Cable and DSL Internet

Pros and Cons of Cable Internet

Though cable Internet is not a new technology, many people are still using it to get their high-speed Internet. Cable Internet comes with the several pros and cons.

Pros of Cable Internet

One of the biggest pros of cable Internet is feed. So the technology started out with beads much lower than they are today, they have greatly increased upwards of 30 Mb per second to provide an even more efficient Internet browsing experience.

Another pro of cable Internet is reliability and availability. Nearly all cable providers in the country offering television services, are now also offering high-speed Internet services. Those who live in more rural areas where services are not commonly provided during the first wave, are able to get high-speed Internet through their cable provider.

The last major pro of cable Internet is the price. Many providers are offering higher speeds at more affordable pricing, with bundles to compete with DSL and fiber Internet.

Cons of Cable Internet

What are the biggest cons of cable Internet is that you're using a shared connection. During peak usage times, usually late at night or on the weekends, you are likely to get speeds lower than advertised.

If you have several devices connected to the Internet via your wireless router, the more devices connected any given time, the slower your connection will generally be.

Sometimes cable providers require you to also get cable-television or cable telephone services in order to take advantage of the best pricing on Internet services. While this is ideal for people who will need all three services, it is not the best bet for people who are only looking for Internet because they have the television and telephone taken care of through another provider.

Bundle prices will often expire after a preset amount off time: usually six months 12 months, or even 24 months. 24 months pricing usually requires you to sign a service contract which means you cannot change or add additional services without penalty. After the bundle price has expired, cable Internet pricing goes up which makes it less affordable. Bundles are annoying because of the added complexity, but if you understand them, you can save a bundle.To get a better understanding of bundling, get online advice on current bundle offers i.e.

Better than cable?

For those lucky enough to get something better than cable aka fiber to the home, this is a good overview of the popular service from Verizon: Geek Condition fios review